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Braising Steak


we'll choose from our selection of available breeds

Smallholding Farms In & Around Yorkshire

Weight: 1 x 500g

Serves: 4

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Typically lean, these Braising Steaks are those cuts well suited to long, slow cooking to develop unctuous flavours. Cut exclusively from grass fed beef sourced from the rich pastures of our small, traditional farms, these cuts of well marbled beef are ideal for adding proper flavour and character to your casserole or slow cook.

Shelf life: minimum 6 days.

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Grass Fed

How to cook beef braising steak

Unctuous and versatile, braising steak is a little more tender than casserole Steak, and ideal for traditional dishes like beef stew and dumplings and steak and ale pie. This is when the native breed beef comes into its own, offering unbeatable flavours. If slow cooking, try serving with roast vegetables, and creamy horseradish sauce.

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About the cut

Braising Steak

Also known as Stewing Steak, this cut is often cut into cubes, though this Braising Steak comes in whole pieces so you can choose your own chunk sizes. These steaks are cut from the chuck, skirt, and flank, and are carefully chosen in the cutting room to boast sufficient marbling and connective tissue to ensure essential melting quality upon cooking.

About the breed


we'll choose from our selection of available breeds

Tasting notes:
Smallholding Farms In & Around Yorkshire

It's good to eat and enjoy heritage breed meat from British breeds, showing farmers that there is a market for their herds and flocks and encourage them to rear them. Without a demand for their meat, many breeds would die out altogether. When intensive farming reigned unchallenged in the second half of the last century, many of our traditional breeds all but disappeared because they don't take kindly to factory farming. We want to change this and help more people realise that we need to safeguard the natural biodiversity of our farm animals and to demand meat with intrinsic flavour that comes from higher welfare systems. All of our meat fits that bill perfectly.

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