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We are privileged to work with some of the finest farmers in the world, who are dedicated to producing beef in a regenerative and sustainable way. Generations of craft and experience goes into rearing livestock, and the result is quite simply, better cuts of beef.


a purveyor of traditional, heritage British beef breeds

We have generations' worth of experience rearing cattle with full traceability. We specialise in the meat of British heritage breeds like Dexter, Longhorn, and Highland, which are strictly grass-fed and reared on lush pastures to develop characteristic marbling and deep flavour. To craft our signature dry-aged beef, we keep food miles to a minimum en route to slaughter, to reduce animal stress. We hang (naturally dry-age) our grass fed beef which enables the grain to relax into tenderness, the meat to darken, and to lose excess moisture. The result is superb cuts of beef, and a butchery range unmatched in terms of choice.

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it's not the cow, it's the how

The meat industry is often marred by the damage caused by imported and intensively farmed food. The Holy Cow challenges the perception of what an environmentally conscious diet looks like. Red meats like cuts of beef, are a rich source of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, B vitamins and protein and an important part of people's diet.

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dry aged meat?

Experiences in taste and texture are what Farmison & Co is all about, providing high quality beef cuts that produce sensations on the palate and in the mouth. Restaurateurs are in no doubt and will without question always favour dry aged beef for its constant delivery of class from grass. Farmison & Co want to bring the best quality of every type of meat and it's why they spend so much time and effort providing restaurant quality British beef cuts for home consumers.

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