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in celebration of

Great British farming

The Holy Cow has been made in celebration of British Farming. It's a window into our world as a food producer, and the world of our farmers, and it's an exposition of how we should approach food. It shows the care and effort of our farmers that goes into making better meat, and the majesty and beauty of the animals that have grazed these Dales for time immemorial.

We want to show the world how great British farming is, and just how much better meat can be. Here in Ripon, North Yorkshire, we have world class, better meat on our doorsteps.

you are what you eat, eats

We have never shied away from what it takes to produce better meat. The film reflects this. We don't hide behind marketing here - we know our suppliers, and we've always fostered a spirit of collaboration.

In these days of mass supply chains, the soul of food and farming is at stake. We believe they made British food culture poorer in the twentieth century. The pandemic has sped up what was already underway; an appreciation of just how good British produce can be.

This film is dedicated to the farmers of these Isles.

it's not the cow, it's the how

The meat industry is often marred by the damage caused by imported and intensively farmed food. The Holy Cow challenges the perception of what an environmentally conscious diet looks like. Red meat is a rich source of essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, B vitamins and protein and an important part of people's diet.

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back British farming

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a special thank you

To all the supporters who made this film happen. A special mention to our Danish friends, Berte and Peter of Crossway Film, who worked closely with us last summer creating The Holy Cow.

Another huge thank you to the following for contributing to the film:

  • David Harrison - The Farmer
  • Caroyln Steel - The Philosopher
  • Joanna Blythman - The Critic
  • Stuart Raw - The Farmer
  • Dr. Paul Talling - The Farmer
  • Martin McIntyre - The Slaughterman
  • Sharon Harrison - The Farmer's Wife
  • Carl Harrison - The Farmer's Son
  • Jeff Baker - The Chef
  • Andrew Carrington - The Butcher
  • Roy - The Sheep Dog

As well as all others involved and the whole Farmison & Co team!