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BBQ Meat

There are plenty of BBQ meats to try this season. Designed to suit all tastes, each cut is ready to be rubbed, marinated, or popped plain onto the barbecue grill. The BBQ meats you buy, to be cooked over hot coals, should have natural succulence and ample fat cover, ready to be enhanced by the low heat and smoky barbecue for melting tenderness and indulgent food. Choosing higher quality ingredients could help to achieve your desired flavours.

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BBQ meats to share with guests

BBQ meats can be the staple to any social occasions you may have in your calendar this season. Invite your guests round and enjoy the tender flavours of our prime cuts of meat. From grass-fed beef and lamb, to free-range chicken and pork. Our meat boxes can provide a range of products for you to tuck your forks into. Discover our BBQ meat boxes which can feature succulent beef steaks to grill for a smoky flavour.

Michelin Starred quality as standard

We are proud that our meat has been chosen by Michelin Starred restaurants for its quality and cut. Part of our mission is to make this restaurant quality meat available in the home. We achieve the Michelin standard by having our Master Butchers prepare each order. We also use British and heritage breeds which have been sustainably slow reared for superior quality meat. Try for yourself today with our range of BBQ meats.

Trace our BBQ products back to the farm

Working with some of the best farmers in the world, makes us proud of the high quality we can provide our customers. Especially as they align with our ethos of producing food in a sustainable and regenerative way. Because of this we can trace our BBQ meats back to their sources. Meaning every sausage or beef joint can be traced back to the free-range pig or grass-fed cattle. Knowing this information can help you to make the choice to Eat Better Meat with Farmison & Co.