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Low and Slow BBQ

Cooking low and slow on the BBQ relaxes the grain of the meat to tenderness, ensures a rich char, and concentrates the luscious flavours. From Texan Rubbed Briskets to Sous Vide Pork Belly and 7 day dry aged Boston Butt, we have everything you need for a barbecue feast. All perfect with our new range of glazes developed by our executive development chef, Jeff Baker for quick & flavourful BBQ feasting!

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Low & slow barbecue meat

BBQ meat cooked low and slow is a delicious way to savour the rich flavours created. Whether you try our grass-fed beef and lamb or our free-range chicken and pork. Each product has been prepared by our Master Butchers before being home delivered. Meaning the BBQ steaks and sausages you cook low and slow on the barbecue have been prepared using skilled craftsmanship that you can notice in the unique flavours.

Quality BBQ meat for all year round

Low and slow BBQ meat should be savoured with every bite. Whether you are enjoying the smoky flavours by yourself or entertaining guests for a planned occasion. As our BBQ meat boxes are available all year round, we ensure the same quality is met with each and every order. Each of our cuts are Michelin Starred quality as standard, thanks to the hard work our farmers and Master Butchers do prior to being home delivered.

Traceability for all our BBQ meat

Traceability is an important element to consider when buying high quality meat. Our cuts of low and slow bbq meat can all be traced back to the farms the animals were reared on, which provides full transparency to you the customer. Essentially giving you full access to the journey from field to fork. Doing this is one of the ways we are raising the bar to provide Michelin starred quality meat in the comfort of your home. Having access to this information allows you to make an informed decision to eat better meat with the help of Farmison.