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Meat Boxes for the BBQ

Our BBQ meat boxes provide you with a range of delicious cuts while passing on a fantastic saving to you. Each box contains a selection of our favourite barbecue meats that you can pop straight on the grill. Designed to suit all tastes, the individual cut's flavour can be enhanced with the help of marinades as well as the low and slow cooking method. Explore the full range to find the perfect box selection for you.

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BBQ meat boxes for every season

Barbecued meat doesn't have to be saved for summer. Our BBQ meat boxes are available all year round to suit your smoky flavour cravings. Inside we pack our favourite cuts of meat which could include tender grass-fed steaks or tasty free-range sausages. A selection of our grass-fed beef steaks are dry-aged to increase the tenderness and flavour in every bite, perfect for the BBQ and grill.

British breeds for Michelin Starred quality

Thanks to our Master Butchers preparing our sustainably sourced meat, our produce has been chosen by Michelin Starred restaurants based on the quality and cut. But our mission is to ensure the quality found in these restaurants is available for home delivery too. What makes our quality so high is using British and heritage breeds that have been slow reared for superior flavour. Taste the difference in our BBQ meat boxes.

Buy BBQ meat boxes with confidence

Our BBQ meat boxes are delivered directly to your door, meaning you can buy with confidence from an award winning butchers. We are proud to have won the Online Butchers Shop of the year award three times, so you know we are serving the highest quality meat available. To try our BBQ meat boxes for yourself, simply click the box you want and we will deliver it fresh to you across the UK. Everything is dispatched from our in-house Master Butchers, preserving the traceability and integrity of our meat. Start your journey to Eat Better Meat™ with Farmison & Co.