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Meat Traceability: What it is & why it is important

Blog • July 26th 2022
cow in nook farm

Meat traceability is a concept which is becoming increasingly discussed. While it has long been a consideration for those at Farmison & Co, meat traceability has only recently emerged on most consumers' radars. In this quick guide, we'll help explain what traceability is and why you should care about it.

What do we mean by traceability?

Traceability in meat production is the ability to trace an individual cut of meat from field to fork. This means that any beef, lamb or animal produce that ends up on your plate, can be tracked all the way back to the farm and animal which it came from. By following traceability processes at each stage of a supply line, it is possible to achieve full meat traceability.

Why is traceability important?

At Farmison & Co, we believe that meat traceability is crucial. Here are some of the main reasons why it is important:

  • Meat traceability ensures that only top quality meat is used in any products.
  • Meat traceability makes it possible to know whether your meat has come from an ethical farm or not.
  • Meat traceability helps ensure animal welfare standards are being followed.
  • Meat traceability makes it possible to check that animals are being farmed sustainably.
  • Meat traceability protects farmers whilst promoting better farm practices.
  • Meat traceability gives the consumer confidence.

For us traceability is an important part of our commitment to principles over profit. Tracing our meat is just one of the ways in which we prioritise flavour and British farming above turnover.

Farmison & Co's commitment to meat traceability

Farmison & Co are proud to be industry leading in meat traceability and food provenance. We work with small, local farms and have close relationships with all of our farmers. This allows us to go above and beyond when it comes to meat traceability. Each pork joint or beef steak that ends up on your plate can be traced back to the free range pig or grass-fed cattle from which it came from, as well as the farmer or producer. This means we can be certain that we are only delivering the highest quality products. Unfortunately, not everyone shares our passion for meat traceability. If you enjoy flavoursome food with true traceability, eat better meat with Farmison.