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Blog • July 11th 2019
Dexter Cattle

In Britain, and notably Yorkshire, we have the perfect conditions on our moorland and in the Dales to create excellent 'Terroir' for cattle to roam freely.

When people think of the term "terroir," many people associate it with wine or spirits. However, we're firm believers that in fact, the 'terroir' of meat is most important.

In the wine industry, 'Terroir' refers to the environment, including the minerals found in soil, the sunlight and heat, humidity and moisture, wind and elevation. So of course, it makes perfect sense that those elements contribute to how nearly any food item ends up tasting. And that leads us on to why grass-fed is so important.

The term 'grass-fed' is a very significant piece of information when considering meat. It helps people to distinguish between foods that come from factory-farmed animals reared indoors and fed on cereals, and those from their more naturally reared counterparts found in fields, grazing on nutrient rich grasses.

'Grass-fed' animals contain higher levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid than those from grain-fed animals and along with the health benefits Grass-Fed can bring, there are environmental benefits, too.

Joanna Blythman quotes in a recent article on BBC Good Food:

"Grass-fed livestock is increasingly seen as an essential part of 'regenerative agriculture'. By fertilising the land they graze while leaving it fairly undisturbed. Animals stimulate much-needed biological life in our depleted soils. Unlike pesticide and chemical fertiliser dependent crop production, regenerative livestock farms create a haven for wildlife.

In taste terms, it's thought that meat and dairy products that come from grass-fed animals are more flavourful than the intensively produced equivalent. This is attributed to the animals' natural diets and active outdoor lives, as well as the fact that while factory farmers are focused on breeds that can be reared quickly on high-performance cereal diets, grass-based farmers often choose lower-growing native breeds that are adapted to their local environment, and do not push them beyond their biological limits."

All beef on Farmison & Co's website is grass-fed - and when we say grass-fed, we mean it. Our commitment to traceability means that we know the cattle has roamed freely and fed naturally for it's entire life. And you can really taste the difference and trust that the meat you're eating is as rich in nutrients as you can get.

Our beef is the outstanding result of generation's worth of experience of rearing cattle and all our British heritage breed, from Dexter to Longhorn are strictly grass fed and reared on lush pastures to develop characteristic marbling and deep flavour. On top of this, as a matter of principle we keep food miles to a minimum en route to our master butchers to ensure optimum freshness, while we hang (naturally dry-age) our beef which enables the grains to relax into tenderness, the meat to darken, and to lose excess moisture. The result is superb meat, and a butchery range unmatched in terms of choice, whether it's more modern cuts, or traditional favourites.

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