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Happy Trotters Make for Better Meat

Blog • June 5th 2020

At Farmison & Co, we're committed to stocking fully free-range pork, born and bred in the great outdoors in non-intensive systems. We're supplied by Anna's Happy Trotters, run by Anna, and a family business based in East Yorkshire, with free ranging pigs.

Over the years, the pork industry has been the centre of campaigns about standards of animal welfare, and cruel practices, such as the infamous sow crate or the usage of antibiotics. As a result, many consumers these days limit their pork consumption. It doesn't have to be this way, and we're committed to doing things a better way, both from an ethical standpoint, and also to ensure quality meat.

The Longthorp family - of Anna's Happy Trotters, have been farming for 4 generations. Originally running a purely arable farm growing crops, the family added pigs to the mix some thirty years ago to make better use of the grain and straw they produce.

Today Anna has pigs reared in three locations, and the free ranging hogs have enough space to wallow, dig, and plough. They've also got shelters to keep them safe and warm and out of the elements. With around 60 pigs per acre, Anna's high standards are far above normal standards.

As well as being Red Tractor Assured and Freedom Foods accredited, Compassion in World Farming have also recognised their commitment to animal welfare with a Good Pig Award.

The result of doing things the right way, is quality pork. Our pork boasts the essential fat cover and rich succulence that industrially produced pork cannot match. Our hogs are also reared for longer, so as not to rush the meat, but to give the best finish possible, offering the creamy, wholesome, and nutritious qualities pork should boast.

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