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Steaks & Chops for the BBQ

Cooking on barbecue coals or charcoal imbues meat with flavour, and a rich smoky char is the ideal finish for a luscious grass fed steak. Our BBQ range is bursting with steaks, on and off the bone. From the mighty Tomahawk Steak to bestselling 32 Day Dry Aged Rib Eyes or The Tomapork Chop, our steaks will ensure a barbecue feast to remember.

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British grass-fed steaks & chops for the BBQ

Our BBQ steaks and chops are all locally sourced from our suppliers in the heart of North Yorkshire. Backing British suppliers for all our BBQ meat presents distinct flavours you can enjoy again and again, no matter the weather outside. However and whenever you decide to cook alfresco, consider eating better meat with Farmison & Co.

Quality BBQ meat you can taste in every bite

Recognised globally, dry aged beef is a process that locks in flavour while staying tender. A selection of our BBQ steaks and chops are dry aged for this reason and we have no doubt you will love them. Choose between 7, 32, 60 or 90 days aged. Each has their own characteristics that allow you to enjoy restaurant quality in the comfort of your own home.

British breeds you can trace

Traceability is at the centre of what we do to ensure we provide high quality products. This includes supplying British and heritage breeds to the dinner tables of our customers thanks to the hard work of our farmers. Working alongside some of the best farmers in the world, provides the ability to showcase their sustainability efforts to our customers through traceability and meat provenance practices. Essentially, when you receive your BBQ steaks and chops, you would be able to trace them back to the farm it was reared on. Not only does this give transparency, but it enables you to make a more conscious decision as to where your food is sourced from.