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Easter Lunch Ideas & Top Tips to Prepare for A Sensational Celebration

Blog • March 14th 2023
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Searching for some Easter lunch ideas to impress the whole family? Look no further! We have the perfect inspiration to help you make the most of this joyous celebration. In this guide, we share some traditional Easter lunch recipes as well as some alternative ideas for those looking to mix things up. We'll also share some top tips and advice directly from the Farmison Kitchen. Whether it is your first time hosting or your fifteenth, these Easter lunch ideas can help you prepare a meal your loved ones won't forget.

Table of Contents:

When is Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday is on the 9th of April 2023. Unlike Christmas Day which is always celebrated on the 25th December, the date of Easter Sunday changes every year. That's why the first step for preparing Easter lunch is making sure you have the correct date marked in your calendar!

Easter Lunch Ideas (with recipes!)

Easter lunch traditions can vary from household to household. Do you work up an appetite before eating with a fresh spring day walk? Or is lunch the perfect opportunity to fuel up for a spirited Easter egg hunt? Whatever your style, we have some delicious Easter lunch ideas to suit every group. Here are five of our favourite Easter lunch recipes you could try this year:

Traditional Easter Leg of Lamb

To kick off our list of Easter lunch ideas, we are starting with leg of lamb. Lamb is widely considered the traditional meat for Easter partly because Jesus is thought of by some as the Lamb of God. Having lamb for Easter lunch is therefore thought to honour Jesus and the sacrifice he made. Left on the bone for maximum flavour whilst cooking, lamb leg is one of the most sought after cuts of lamb for Easter.

Here are some Easter lunch recipes you can use to prepare a traditional leg of lamb:

Easter side dish recipes to go with leg of lamb:

Top Tip from our Michelin starred chef Jeff Baker: Always make sure your oven is up to temperature before roasting your lamb. Allow for around 25 mins of cooking per 500g of lamb.

Lamb Guard of Honour

Lamb Guard of honour is one of the best Easter lunch ideas if you are looking for a twist on tradition. Whilst you're still serving the conventional meat, you are doing so with extra flair that is sure to elicit a great reaction from your friends and family. Made with two racks of lamb, a guard of honour is a visually stunning centrepiece for your Easter table.

Here is an Easter lunch recipe you can use to prepare a lamb guard of honour:

Springtime side dishes to pair with lamb:

Top Tip: Serve with Mint Sauce and English Mustard to take your lamb to the next level.

Easter Ham

Sweet and salty roast ham is one of the most crowd-pleasing Easter lunch ideas. Not only does this tasty meat keep everyone coming back for more but it is also another option with traditional roots. Ham is traditionally cured throughout the winter months. Since Easter is a spring festival, it was considered the perfect time to feast on the last of the winter-cured meats. Our ham comes from free-range pork and is matured for the very fullest flavour.

Here are some Easter lunch recipes you can use to prepare an Easter ham

Easter side dishes to compliment ham:

Top Tip: If you have any leftovers, use in a deep-filled sandwich with mature cheddar, shred into a mac & cheese or tear and fold through a rich risotto.

Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is succulent and delicious but it is also one of the most seasonal Easter lunch ideas. Contrary to popular belief, lamb is not actually in season at Easter time. Spring lambs are born in the spring and aren't ready to be eaten until the summer, just in time for BBQ season! Choosing chicken for your Easter feast is much more in keeping with the natural availability. Treat your loved ones to a sumptuous roast chicken this Easter. It is a classic for a reason!

Here are some Easter lunch recipes you can use to prepare an Easter Roast Chicken:

Pair with these trimmings for an Easter treat:

Top Tip: Make sure you leave enough time for the chicken to rest before carving.

Classic Beef Wellington

Although you may associate beef wellington with Christmas more than Easter, we can't resist any excuse to indulge in this decadent meal. Made with rich and tender fillet of beef enveloped in delightfully flaky pastry. This tasty treat had to be on our list of Easter lunch ideas! For a lighter alternative that is equally luxurious, you could also try our chicken wellington.

Here are some Easter lunch recipes you can use to prepare an Easter Wellington

A sumptuous main needs some sumptuous sides! Try these:

Top Tip: Pair with our red wine sauce to truly elevate the dish.

Celebrate with Better Meat this Easter

Farmison is proud to be making it easier to eat better meat at home. We never compromise on quality, are committed to sustainability and work with small, local farms. This means that each decadent steak or sizzling sausage that ends up on your plate can be traced back to the grass-fed beef or free-range pork which it came from. Delivered straight to your door, exceptional dining at home couldn't be easier.

Whether you are looking for Easter lunch ideas or for something special for Mother's Day, Father's Day or a dinner party with friends, celebrate with better meat.