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save our seasons?

Not only does eating seasonally mean your produce tastes better, it's far more sustainable too. Keeping food miles low, reducing waste and supporting local farmers means that everyone wins - so we at Farmison & Co are challenging you to save our seasons, by eating better.

As the British climate warms we risk losing the seasons that make our food culture so vibrant. Plant-based diets that rely on tropical imports threaten our seasons with their contribution to carbon emissions. Meat can be better, in moderation, and reared in a regenerative fashion. We challenge you to eat seasonally and British - not just for January, or #Veganuary or #Regenuary but for the whole year - to save our seasons.

We'll be with you every step of the way, providing handy guides of seasonal produce and chef-prepared recipes, as well as our very handy seasonal eating map which you can find here.

If you're helping us spread the message on social, be sure to use the hashtags! #eatbetter #eatbettermeat #SOS #saveourseasons

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