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Our Molasses ham is a real artisan specialty, cured in sugar to complement the deep porky flavour of the native breed meat. I suggest a long slow roast as the best way to enrich the sweet notes of the molasses paired with the gammon.


  1. First, preheat the oven to 150°C, and while it warms up, roughly cut up your onions and celery to form a trivet.
  2. Rest your gammon on the trivet, and roast for 20 minutes plus a further 25 minutes per 500g.
  3. The core temperature should reach a minimum of 72°C, something which can easily be ascertained with a meat thermometer.
  4. Leave the joint to cool a little upon taking it out of the oven, so the meat can relax. Then, carve thinly for slices of about 5mm thickness.
  5. Serve with steamed heritage potatoes, good quality butter, and some cusacks beer mustard.