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Dorset Bronze Turkey Crown

Dorset Bronze

always free range & slow grown

Tasting notes:
sweet, gamey, herbal

Serves: 8

Shelf life: Min 3 days

Available: 2nd December – 23rd December



Our Christmas turkey crowns are specially selected for their ample breast meat from free ranging Dorset Bronze turkey flocks, which are free to forage in fields and cherry orchards. The result is standout flavour and mouthwatering succulence. The crown is quicker to cook, easier to carve and is an ideal alternative for those who prefer turkey breast meat, rather than the darker leg meat, We include the giblets so you can make your own gravy at home. Be sure to take a look at our recipe tips for cooking and stock up on cranberry sauce ready to complement this magnificent Christmas roasting joint.

All of our Christmas range delivered on 19th Dec to 23rd Dec is guaranteed to stay fresh until Boxing Day *except products containing pastry which are pre frozen. 48 hour deliveries (Highlands & Islands) may have a shorter life depending on dispatch times.

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How to cook

The crown is a superb way to ensure a consistent finish on your turkey, and reduces the need to baste the breast so much as the meat cooks consistently. Serve alongside all the Christmas trimmings, and have plenty of bread and cranberry and port sauce on hand. Be sure to download our pdf recipe tips for cooking times and serving suggestions.

Download our Recipe tips
these birds are game hung for 14 days to ensure the very best quality. this process is much like hanging beef – it intensifies the flavour and tenderises the meat naturally, ensuring a standout centrepiece for your celebration feast.
Jeff Baker, Executive Development Chef

About the cut

Turkey Crown

The turkey crown is the two breasts of the bird, still attached to the bone. This simplifies the cooking process and ensures plump, moist turkey for Christmas dinner. Our whole turkeys are wax plucked to preserve the texture of the meat and are game hung for a minimum of 14 days. The traditional process of game hanging tenderises the meat and concentrates the flavour of the turkey.

About the breed

Dorset Bronze

always free range & slow grown

Tasting notes:
sweet, gamey, herbal

Our traditional Dorset bronze turkeys are an old-fashioned favourite. This breed are often smaller in size but more full-bodied in taste and texture than turkeys farmed in intensive systems. These special turkeys are sourced from a responsible farm that nurture their flocks on an oat-rich, nutritionally balanced, natural cereal diet that's ethically sourced. The flock are free to roam through cherry orchards and grass meadows, and can forage for insects and grubs. The benefit of the freedom to exhibit natural behaviours results in dense, white, and dark meat, and a superior fat coverage. This natural layer of fat not only makes traditional dry plucking possible, but it means our turkeys don't rely on basting to retain their succulence. Expect deliciously tender, flavoursome meat from our Dorset bronze turkeys. Shop now and do Christmas better this year.

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