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Winning Online Butcher's Shop of the Year award, for the third time, is a huge honour and privilege. It showcases that our mission to get the nation to eat better meat, is recognised and present in all aspects of our supply chain. We don't shy away from telling you where your meat has come from, in fact traceability and meat provenance is an important aspect to us. It allows us to show you, the customer, exactly how and where your meat is sourced from. Not only this, but winning this award could recognise us to be a benchmark to others trying to achieve better quality. Which a great success in itself. When deciding where to source your meat from, choose Farmison & Co, the Online Butcher's Shop of the Year 2021.

heritage breed of cows standing in a field with green grass and open landscape behind them

What is the Online Butcher’s Shop of the Year Award?

The Online Butcher's Shop of the Year award is a dedicated accolade for the UK market only. They recognise and champion the best practices butchers provide in the local meat chain. From producer and processor, through to retail. Each award aims to recognise and reward the creative development which is driving the UK meat industry forwards. Which is why, winning for our practices to meat, as a whole, is an honour as we are striving to get the nation to eat better meat. In total, we have won the Online Butcher's Shop of the Year Award three times. The years of this success were:

  • 2017
  • 2020
  • 2021
beef roasting joint lay flat on a parchment paper to show the extraordinary marbling

Award Winning Online Butcher’s Shop

Being primarily an online butcher, we want to ensure the quality meat you recieve in top restaurants is accessible to you in your homes. But being online is not all. We have now opened our first physical butchers, Cut by Farmison & Co, in our home of Ripon. Making it easier than ever to buy Michelin Starred trimmed meat in-store.

Our meat is renowned by home cooks and top chefs alike for both the quality and the outstanding flavours. A stage in the award process is for the judges to receive a range of our products (ordered under an assumed name), which is then tried and tested against other finalists. By winning the online butcher award several times can showcase our process and quality is of a high standard which you can trust time and time again.

Highlighting just a handful of our products, we are proud to provide some of the finest, British beef, pork and grass-fed lamb breeds in the world. Alongside encouraging the nation to eat better quality meat, we aim to return heritage breeds, which were close to extinction, back to the dining room tables of Britain.

The difference you can expect to see from Farmison's breeds, in comparison to other supermarket products, is more marbling and fuller flavours. Take our beef roasting joints for example, the rich marbling of the breed alongside our dry-ageing process makes for a delicious meal to be enjoyed by the whole family. We all know good things take time, which goes for dry-ageing too. This process can range between 32 to 100 days. The results one cooked, leave an unforgettable taste and texture from every mouthful!

inside Farmison’s physical butcher’s shop, the Cut, with a butcher standing cutting meat

What is the Criteria to Win the Online Butcher’s Shop of the Year Award?

The criteria to be a contender in the Online Butcher's Shop of the Year Award is a two step process.

1. The first step is to submit answers to nine pre-provided questions and as we are online, our website is assessed for information around:

  • The butchery business
  • Range & choice of products
  • Product information
  • Pricing
  • Simplicity of ordering

2. If successful through part 1, the judges then order a range of products (under an assumed name, so we are unaware that the order is for judging) which is assessed again on aspects ranging from:

  • Efficiency and speed of ordering
  • Speed of delivery
  • Condition of goods on arrival
  • Comparison of details and images on website compared to delivered goods
  • Quality of products when cooked and tasted

Having successfully passed each stage, saw us claim the Online Butcher's Shop of the Year award three times (2017, 2020, 2021). Highlighting you can trust the quality and expertise we provide in each of our products. Try a range for yourself. Whether it be free-range chicken for a Sunday roast, sausages and bacon for a weekend cooked breakfast, or wagyu beef when trying something new. Each product has been tried and tested to ensure the tastiest meat for your dinner table.

three raw beef steaks lay flat on a baking tray with a sharp knife above them

Award Winning Butchery by Farmison & Co

Not only have we won three times for Online Butcher's Shop of the Year Award, we are proud to highlight our other achievements. They include:

Eat Better Meat With Farmison & Co

Winning awards for the high quality meat and services we provide customers is incredible. Not only is it an honour to be recognised, but it strengthens our desire to achieve more towards changing the meat industry standards. Our founder, John Pallagi, provides monthly snippets into the wider industry to spark thoughts and conversation around hotly debated topics. One area we are passionate about is meat traceability and meat provenance. Knowing exactly where your produce has been sourced from, allows you to make the educated decision to buy high quality meat, from an award winning Online Butcher's Shop of the Year.