Jersey Short Rib Steak

Rich and Tasty Beef Rib Steak

Cut from the forequarter, our Jersey Short Rib Steak is inspired by contemporary trends in American steak cutting, with the luscious rib meat offering a lean, yet flavoursome steak ideal for quick frying and serving as easy mid week meals. Sourced exclusively from grass fed herds of heritage breed meat, the Jersey Short Rib is ideal for sampling new steaks, or if you prefer leaner meat.

Named for Jersey in America, and not Jersey in the Channel Islands, the Short Rib Steak is one of many foreign cuts making it onto British butcher’s cut charts. Taken from the ribs of the chuck of the animal, this meat is usually reserved for Jacob’s Ladder, however in this case the meat is cut away to yield steaks with leaner texture and dark beef rib meat.

American style cuts are becoming more popular in Britain as chefs and butchers look to introduce new culinary styles, and use more of the beast. The Jersey Short Rib steak is well suited to quick frying for an easy mid week meal, or marinating and popping on the barbecue. Try serving with sautéed wild mushrooms, chopped parsley, and garlic.

Our recipe tips for cooking your beef Jersey short rib steak
Breed Dry Aged Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Aberdeen Angus 14 Days 2 2 X 250g (8.8oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £8.95
/ £4.48 each
Highland 14 Days 2 2 X 250g (8.8oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £8.95
/ £4.48 each
Longhorn 14 Days 2 2 X 250g (8.8oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £8.95
/ £4.48 each
Hereford 14 Days 2 2 X 250g (8.8oz) North York Moors National Park, UK £8.95
/ £4.48 each

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On such occasions we will endeavour to supply you with a suitable alternative.