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A Butcher's Quick Fry Special

A traditional butcher’s cut, meaning the butcher would often reserve this particular steak for himself, the Spider Steak is ideally quickly fried on a high heat, allowing the thin veins of marbling to melt into tenderness. Ours are sourced exclusively from grass fed herds, reared to full maturity to promise outstanding eating quality, and are great alternative to more traditional prime cuts.

Also known as Popeseye Steak, the Spider Steak is cut from the back tendon of the beast, otherwise known as the Round. Spider Steaks are small in size and well marbled, making them extremely tender. The term Popeseye is a Medieval term for the gland in the thigh of an ox, which comes surrounded by fat, and promises melting tenderness upon cooking.

A great example of the variety of artisan steaks available to British tables as the craft of artisan butchery becomes increasingly sought after. Be sure to serve our Spider Steaks pink for a fine tasting steak with melting quality, alongside sautéed potatoes, spicey tomato relish, and grilled little gem lettuce.

Our Recipe Tips for Cooking Your Spider Steaks

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