Sirloin Steak On The Bone

Standout Steak on the Bone for Maximum Flavour

On the bone for depth of flavour and rustic quality, our Sirloin Steak on the Bone shows exactly what better meat means. All of our sirloins are taken from grass fed beasts that are allowed to mature at their own pace, before being expertly dry aged to relax the meat to tenderness, and cut specifically for your order. The result is outstanding steaks that can't be beaten for its character with dark flesh, and generous marbling that caramelises and tenderises the meat upon cooking.

Sirloin comes from the French “sur la longe” or above the loin from where it is cut. Ours are dry aged matured in our dedicated drying room, before being cut out into neat steaks, with the bone left in for extra flavour. Our Sirloin Steaks boast the characteristic marbling that explains its reputation for taste and which to a butcher is a sign of the meat’s quality, promising tenderness and flavour when cooked.

This is the best of British steak, prime and flavoursome, for a real Saturday Night treat especially when served with home made chips and a Bordelaise sauce. We recommend serving our Sirloin Steaks rare or medium rare for optimum taste and eating, while if you're unsure as to how to get the perfect finish for your steak please see our cooking tips.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Sirloin Steak On The Bone
Breed Dry Aged Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Highland 32 Days 2 2 X 300g (10.6oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £21.75
/ £10.88 each
Longhorn 32 Days 2 2 X 300g (10.6oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £21.75
/ £10.88 each
Aberdeen Angus 32 Days 2 2 X 300g (10.6oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £21.75
/ £10.88 each
Hereford 32 Days 2 2 X 300g (10.6oz) North York Moors National Park, UK £21.75
/ £10.88 each

Please note on breeds

From time to time the exact breed or farm may not be available at the time of despatching your order.
On such occasions we will endeavour to supply you with a suitable alternative.