Crop Steak

A Rich & Unctuous Slow Cook Steak

A versatile and well-marbled steak taken from the chuck of the beast. Though ideal for casseroles, this under appreciated steak also makes for an affordable quick fry steak or a marinating barbecue treat. Ours are sourced exclusively from grass fed herds, reared to full maturity to promise the depth of flavour and outstanding eating quality that characterises our beef.

The Crop Steak is a forgotten cut, affordable and once common on butcher's boards with cutting it neatly being a part of a young butcher learning their trade. Taken from the chuck tenders between the shoulders of the beast, it promises a good layer of marbling, as well as being cut across the grain for tenderness, and is often sourced by restaurants for slow cooking dishes.

For an unctuous casserole, use a full-bodied wine, lots of shallots, and a good beef stock to put together a dish. Serve with buttered noodles, and a persillade (mixed parsley, garlic, and toasted breadcrumbs) scattered on top. You can also flash fry or BBQ serving pink at 54°c for optimum eating quality. Season well with sea salt and cracked pepper to finish.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Crop Steak
Breed Dry Aged Serves Weight Farm Price Quantity
Aberdeen Angus 14 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £5.95
/ £2.98 each
Longhorn 14 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £5.95
/ £2.98 each
Hereford 14 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) North York Moors National Park, UK £5.95
/ £2.98 each
Highland 14 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £5.95
/ £2.98 each

Please note on breeds

From time to time the exact breed or farm may not be available at the time of despatching your order.
On such occasions we will endeavour to supply you with a suitable alternative.