Your Order, Delivered by Tractor

As the food chain becomes more and more separated from our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget the importance of farming and where our meat actually comes from.

As Christmas approaches, we're aiming to showcase British farmers with a number of extra special deliveries by tractor, bringing a slice of the real farmyard direct to your front door (or as close as we can get it!). This year, eat better meat for Christmas and know exactly where your properly free-range turkey or grass-fed beef has come from.

Instead of standard delivery, there will be a small number of special deliveries made by Stuart, a farmer from one of our trusted small-holding farms in the Yorkshire Dales. Delivering your order into your village, town or city, right to your front door and direct from the farmer himself.

British farms like Stuart’s offer some of the highest levels of welfare in the agricultural world, rearing British breeds as nature intended; slowly and naturally without human intervention (unless required), all the while supporting a sustainable environment and healthy countryside.

Our British breeds like the ones raised on Stuart’s farm were bred to perfection in the 18th and 19th century, the same time the tractor was invented and first used in agriculture. Ever since, it’s been a symbol of British farming and is the perfect beacon to represent British farmers this Christmas.

Unlike the original tractors, ours come with all the trimmings. Simply select delivery by tractor at checkout to be in for a chance of meeting Stuart when having your festive fare delivered, and while we can’t guarantee snow this Christmas, we can make sure you’ll receive the finest quality British produce around.

Watch Stuart deliver to one of our lucky customers, Pauline.