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Method for the pork

  1. Scald the pork skin by pouring a full kettle of boiling water over the joint sat on a rack over the sink then leave to air dry up to 24 hours in advance.
  2. Preheat your oven to 210°C for fan assisted or 230°C for ovens without a fan (gas 8).
  3. Season the joint with good quality sea salt just prior to cooking.
  4. Make a trivet using the sliced onions then place the joint fat side up onto the trivet, place in the centre of the oven and roast for 20 minutes Next add 400ml water or stock & cook for 3 hours on 160°C for fan assisted or 180°C for ovens without a fan (gas 3), the meat is ready when it is tender when pierced with a skewer.
  5. To finish, increase the heat 210°C for fan assisted or 230°C for ovens without a fan (gas 8) & roast for an additional 15 minutes until the skin starts to pop & crisp.
  6. Remove from the oven, put onto a clean tray and keep warm by covering with a sheet of foil.
  7. Pass the roasting juices through a fine strainer into a clean saucepan & bring to a simmer, skim away any fat that rises to the surface & thicken with a little corn flour mixed with cold water.

Method for the cabbage

  1. Cut a small head red cabbage into 6 wedges keeping the root intact.
  2. Drizzle four wedges with oil & season with sea salt then sear over a high heat before roasting for 20 minutes in a hot oven 200°C /180C fan/gas 5 or until tender then drizzle over with the vinegar & oil.
  3. Finely shred the remaining wedges, toss with the onion then mix with salt, sugar, pepper to taste & fresh lemon juice for the instant pickle, this can be done in advance.

Method for the Salsa Verde

  1. Finely chop together the anchovy, garlic, gherkins & capers
  2. Finely chop the herbs & mix together.
  3. Stir in the oil & vinegar.
  4. Taste for seasoning & reserve.

or simply blend everything together for a smooth texture.

To serve

Carve the pork, serve alongside the roast cabbage & drizzle with green sauce, roast potatoes & a little red cabbage pickle.