Organic Meat Or Just Great Rearing?

Farmison & Co's philosophy

As Nature Intended

Slow growing, ethically reared livestock is at the heart of Farmison & Co's philosophy in offering the most succulent beef, pork, lamb, poultry and game. This approach often prompts customers to ask whether it means that meat from Farmison & Co has been organically produced.

While we understand and have great affection for the organic movement and how it has developed its own market sector in the past two decades we believe total commitment to close relationships with farmer colleagues who display absolute dedication to principled and ethical rearing is just as good as having the organic tag.

Welfare Standards

Our farmer suppliers are fabulous exponents of tending their livestock to the best possible welfare standards in natural conditions and our opinion is that their principles of breeding and animal husbandry far outweigh any additional benefits that some may feel are derived from the organic tag.

Ethical Farming

There is feeling among many farmers that organic means just one thing, increased cost in becoming certified as such and even more red tape in having to be monitored regularly. Our opinion is that the meat we offer has come from farmers who are just as principled and just as ethical in their farming without feeling the need to go down the organic certification process.

Trusted Farms

We believe in our farmers, we talk with them and they know what we’re looking for when supplying our customers.

Our beef farmers rear their cattle in suckler herds with the cows suckling their calves until weaned. This is a natural and common practice that defines all suckler herds and ensures that the cows are allowed to be the mothers in the way they were intended. Keeping mother and calf together means that both live happy lives free from stress.

Principled Animal Husbandry
v Organic Rules

Our native breeds are slow grown outdoors enjoying healthy, stress free lives. It's something we believe in implicitly: stock benefitting from a natural diet revolving around grass as the main component. Our farmer growers only use antibiotics if an animal falls ill. What this means is that our farmer colleagues are effectively following the main elements of organic farming without going down the sometimes arduous and tedious route of certification. We have total belief in people who grow livestock in a considerate and ethical manner.

We have tremendous confidence in our farmer suppliers who see excellent animal husbandry as their watchword. Our farmers have a wholehearted commitment to rearing stock that can lead a good life, the right way; allowing each animal to grow in its own time and production of sustainable flocks and herds.

Seal Of Quality

Farmison & Co understands that customers are looking for reassurance that livestock has been reared and tended in the healthiest of environments where farmers are working in conjunction with nature. Our producers may not have the organic tag but without question they all work in harmony with the countryside.

Organic farming doesn’t mean that the livestock travels only a short distance to an abattoir, but in Farmison & Co's case that is one of the prerequisites. Farmison & Co is always concerned about stress levels in livestock and anything that can be done to keep them to a minimum. That’s why one of the areas discussed with producers is how far the stock has to travel. That's the seal of quality that Farmison & Co believes is what customers are looking for, as less stress equals better lives and better meat. The end result is a much tastier, happier eating experience.

Love Of Natural Produce

Farmison & Co loves providing the best, most environmentally sensitive, slow grown meat and that’s one of the reasons why it recently won an award as Online Butcher of the Year.

It just shows that you don’t have to rely on the organic tag to show customers that you care about where naturally produced native livestock has come from. We care about providing our customers with flavoursome, succulent, tasty meat from livestock that has had as healthy a life as is possible while being tended by the best farmers in the UK. That should be good enough for anyone!