New York Strip Steak

An American-Style Steak Of Exceptional Tenderness

Prized in America for its fine texture, and its tenderness owing to the generous marbling, the New York Strip Steak is very much an import to British steak cuisine, and is enriched considerably for it. With our dry aged beef from pristine countryside, the natural flavour of our meat and the tenderness of the cut make for marvellous eating.

Also known as Ambassador Steak, Boneless Club Steak, Hotel-Style Steak, Kansas City Steak, and New York Steak, this special is cut from the short loin, with the standout marbling owing to the muscle being underused by the beast. This means less connective tissue, and a finer texture which translates into tender, flavoursome meat prized by butchers and chefs alike.

Strip steaks are well suited to rubbing or marinading due to the steak's great capacity to carry flavour, while they can be pan fried, grilled, or broiled. Made famous by New York's renowned steak houses, serve this prime beef steak with some gentleman's relish, homemade bÉarnaise sauce, and potatoes sautÉed in duck and goose fat, tossed with parsley and shallots.

Our recipe tips for cooking your New York Strip Steak

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Hereford 32 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Holme Valley, West Yorkshire, UK £16.80
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Aberdeen Angus 32 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Holme Valley, West Yorkshire, UK £16.80
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