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What is the best meat for Easter 2023

Blog • March 20th 2023

Easter is a spring holiday celebrated in approximately 95 countries worldwide, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus and is one of the most important celebrations in the Christian calendar. Usually celebrated with chocolate eggs, bouquets of daffodils and getting the family together for an Easter dinner to celebrate. At Farmison & Co, we are celebrating with an exclusive Easter dinner menu for 2023.

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What is easter and why do we celebrate it?

The celebration of Easter is the celebration of life over death, dedicated to Jesus Christ who gave his life for the sins of his loved ones. The holiday takes places at the end of lent each year, a 40-day season of fasting something you love to represent the sacrifice Jesus showed - over the years, Easter has merged itself with celebrations of Spring including a visit from the Easter bunny, a symbol of Spring arising. The tradition of eating lamb at Easter comes from the sacrificial lamb being mentioned in the Old Testament, with the representation of Jesus sacrificing himself and dying on the cross, lamb is eaten in remembrance of Jesus and the sacrifices he made for his people.

What is the traditional meat for easter dinner?

When we think of Easter, we're automatically drawn to lamb for our centrepiece due to years of tradition - it's easy to think Easter and lamb go hand in hand but most lambs are born during Spring meaning. Although they tend to be the favourite at this time of year, it's not technically when lamb is best in season - although don't panic, we are still offering some stunning lamb centrepieces. This year we have opted to adding a variety of poultry products into our Easter Menu for 2023 as Spring is the perfect time for poultry products to be at their best.

5 best meats to have for easter dinner

There's no question lamb is front and centre at the Easter table - and for good reason - but there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. This is our list of some of the best meats to have for your Easter dinner:

1. Easter Lamb

If you are a lamb lover at Easter time, Jeff's carvery lamb leg with fragrant herb butter may be the centrepiece of choice. Our lamb is sourced from our small network of local farmers, who rear their free-range flocks slowly and naturally - this lamb leg is stuffed with a generous portion of Sublime garlic and herb butter to baste the meat while cooking, before being tied together for a classic roast, this joint lends itself to being roasted on the BBQ. Expect subtle floral flavour and sweet tender meat, served best with our f&co mint sauce.

2. Easter Beef

Beef is a fantastic choice if you're looking to part with traditional lamb for your Easter dinner. Our Master Butcher's have perfect the wing rib of beef, visually stunning with prime rib meat, dry-aged on the bone and untrimmed for maximum flavour. The well-marbled meat caramelises upon cooking, couple with the use of grass-fed beef and dry age maturing techniques, make for natural succulence and outstanding flavours. Perfect for a memorable Easter dinner.

3. Easter Chicken

Wondering what Easter dinner will impress your guests? Look no further… Jeff has perfected an Easter exclusive for 2023, our cinnamon and raisin chicken crown pair everything that is delicious about hot cross buns, with our succulent free-range chicken containing handmade hot cross bun stuffing, made up of free-range pork sausage meat, a sweetened breadcrumb, golden raisins, fine citrus peel, and mixed spice, to complement the natural flavour of our chicken.

4. Easter Pork

What's not to love about a pork centrepiece for your Easter dinner. Jeff's black ham collar joint is a people pleaser, our best-selling free-range pork, matured in a Devon porter cure and black treacle, we've curated a lightly smoked finish that is ready to eat - perfect for Easter lunch, or leftovers the next day!

5. Easter Side Dishes

No celebration Easter dinner would be complete without some fantastic side dishes, Jeff always says the key to a perfect dinner is having the right amount of sides to accompany your stunning centrepiece. Gratin dauphinois potatoes are the perfect addition, our dauphinois are a modern interpretation on the French dish, made with layers upon layers of finely sliced potatoes, in a luxurious creamy and buttery sauce, infused with garlic, sea salt, thyme and nutmeg - these potatoes are topped with a layer of gruyere cheese for a golden, subtly sweet finish.

Who says pigs in blankets are just for Christmas? Jeff Baker has created a twist on the family favourite, perfect for Easter. Our chicks in blankets are deliciously moreish, made from free-range chicken and wrapped in a blanket of streaky bacon that will crisp up snugly and caramelise around the free-range sausage, alongside a blend of herbs to complement the flavoursome meat. Perfect for a canape or a show-stopping side dish to any Easter celebration roasting joint.

What to do with your Easter leftovers

If you're hosting a big celebration or a small get together for Easter, there are usually always leftovers, why not make them into something delicious to enjoy on Easter Monday?

Our Executive Chef Jeff Baker had some great ideas how to turn your leftovers into a second day feast! Any leftover lamb can be used to make a traditional shepherd's pie, this was the original method before we started to use mince - top with saffron infused mash and crumbled goats' cheese to elevate the taste! Otherwise, why not, shred and toss with fresh lemon, harissa sauce and fresh coriander to top homemade flatbreads!

If it's chicken you have left over, Jeff suggests shredding it and folding through orzo with wild garlic and parmesan to create a flavour filled dish!

Farmison & Co Easter Menu 2023