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Alternative Meats for Easter Dinner

Blog • March 10th 2015

Switch it up this Easter by discovering our selection of alternative meats for Easter Sunday dinner. While lamb is the most popular meat choice in the UK for Easter, we believe there are many other great cuts to get your fork into this Spring. Discover our top alternative meat cuts which you can order in time for the 9th April 2023.

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What meat is in season in Spring?

Farmison's Top 3 Alternative Meats for Easter

What Meat is in Season in Spring?

The following meats are in season in Spring, ready for you to enjoy on Easter Sunday:

  • Mutton
  • Spring Chicken
  • Pork
  • Venison
  • Beef

Spring is all about freshness, so why should your Easter meat be any different? Our seasonal food chart helps to make eating for the season easy, by breaking down the seasonal produce for each month.

Eating seasonally is by far the best way to receive fresh flavours from local producers. We are fortunate to have a selection of the finest farmers in the world, on our doorstep, to supply our alternative Easter meat. Each supplier is committed to growing and rearing the best quality produce for us to sell to our customers this Easter. To learn more, discover our farming the future campaign which talks about food miles and the traceability of our products.

Farmison's Top 3 Alternative Meats for Easter

Our top three alternative meats, to lamb, for Easter lunch are:

  • Free-range pork
  • Free-range chicken
  • Grass-fed Beef

Free-range pork

Easter pork is a delicious alternative meat for the spring season, with ham having a root in tradition. Often ham was cured in the Winter months, so by the time Easter arrived, they considered it the perfect festival to use up the last of the Winter cured meats. If you are looking for more of a centrepiece, our pork roasting joints can be the perfect fit. Roasted, slow cooked or however you prefer to cook your meat, pork is tender and can melt in your mouth with every bite. Discover our range of pork recipes to try this Easter.

Free-range chicken

Easter chicken is a great alternative meat for Springtime dining. Luxurious, yet simple, free-range chicken can be an easy meat for anyone to roast. What's more, the flavours provided by our high quality cuts are second to none. To experience the succulent flavours of this alternative Easter meat, be sure to place your order in time for delivery before the 9th April 2023. Once purchased, discover our wide range of chicken recipes to impress your guests with this Spring.

Grass-fed beef

Easter Beef can be a popular alternative to Lamb at Springtime. With similar characteristics, there are many types of beef cuts to explore. Whether you want a large beef roasting joint that will feed your extended family, or luxurious beef steaks for a romantic dinner party for two. We have a wide selection of grass-fed beef for you to choose from. Once you have decided on your alternative Easter meat, uncover our range of beef recipes to learn how to get the most flavour out of your cut.

Order Alternative Easter Meat with Farmison & Co

As ever this Easter we have seasonal classics available for ordering, however there's plenty on offer besides succulent grass-fed lamb. All prepared by our Master butchers, each cut has been carefully prepared for the highest quality. It's these finer details and considerations which make us award winning butchers.

Each range comes from supply lines ordinarily reserved for the restaurant trade, but are on the site virtue of popular demand, due to very occasional supply, and then each building a reputation.

The response so far has been tremendous, with some fantastic feedback we're very gratified to have received. As Easter is very fast approaching we've made sure there'll be plenty on offer, though from past experience it's a good idea to pre order to avoid disappointment.

All the best,

Lee & John