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An Alternative Easter Centrepiece With Farmison & Co

Blog • March 10th 2015

As ever this Easter we have seasonal classics available for ordering, not least our royally recognised Herdwick lamb, or our English delicacy of saltmarsh lamb.

Both sourced from Cumbria, it's among the best meat the British Isles has to offer, while our Master Butcher and Development Chef have collaborated to come up with two specials: The Stuffed Cushion of Lamb, and the Stuffed Saddle of Lamb.

However this Easter there's plenty on offer besides lamb on our site, not least our new 45 day aged Angus beef and milk fed English veal.

Each range comes from supply lines ordinarily reserved for the restaurant trade, but are on the site virtue of popular demand, due to very occasional supply, and then each building a reputation.

The response so far has been tremendous, with some fantastic feedback we're very gratified to have received. As Easter is very fast approaching we've made sure they'll be plenty on offer, though from past experience it's a good idea to pre order to avoid disappointment.

You can find our full range of both below,

All the best,

Lee & John

Our English Fed Milk Fed Veal:



T Bone Steak

Veal Loin Escalope

Veal Breast

Silverside of Veal

Topside of Veal

Calves Liver

Veal Sausages

Veal Burgers

Veal Kidney

Marrow Bones

Veal Pies

Veal Osso Bucco

Diced Veal

Minced Veal

Our Full Range of 45 Day Matured Angus is as Follows:-


Sirloin Steaks

Fillet Steaks

Rib Eye Steaks

Rump Steaks

Picanha Steaks

Rump Pave Steaks

Roasting Joints


Trimmed Rib of Beef

Rolled Rib of Beef

Centre Cut Fillet

Picanha Joint

Rolled Sirloin

Flat Sirloin