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berkshire pig


Britain’s oldest pork breed

Rare Breed

Tasting notes:
sweet, intense, unsurpassed

Why this breed

A breed dating back to the 1600s originating from the county of Berkshire and prized for its superior flavoured & well marbled meat. This prized pig was sent to Japan in the mid 19th Century as a gift to the Kingdom of Ryukyu (now Okinawa) where it was revered for its tender, deep tasting meat & prized soft, silky white fat. Often referred to as the Wagyu equivalent of the Pork world, connoisseurs marvel in the ratio of fat to meat that produces clean, meltingly crispy fat & proper, old fashioned tasting Pork. Our Purebred 100% Berkshire Pork is fed & reared close to our heart in Yorkshire and is only available in limited quantities.