Rump Steak

A Dense & Rich Steak Of Matured Beef

Typically dense and rich to taste, Rump Steaks are an exquisite treat and a more than deserving alternative to more popular steaks cuts, whatever the occasion. Ours are sourced from beef herds grown to maturity on lush pastures before being dry aged by our Master Butcher to guarantee immaculate eating quality packed with flavour. Perfect as an introduction to our steaks.

Also known as Rumsteak, the rump is a little firmer to cut than the fillet but boasts more flavour than slightly more tender alternatives. In fact Rump Steaks are often labelled as sirloin in the US due to the different naming conventions, and come from the same area as the prized Picanha. Our rump steaks are matured in our dedicated dry aging room to ensure intensified flavours and a tender finish.

Often found on restaurant menus, but with a lesser reputation than prime fillet and sirloin, Rump Steak is in its own right a fantastic cut, with deep flavour, and a sweet, rich taste that make it so prized both in Europe and Latin America. Ideal for Saturday night treats or mid week meals, serve with a classic garnish, home made chips, and grilled tomatoes.

For perfect cooking and measuring internal temperatures, we recommend a ‘Meater + Wireless Thermometer’. Available to buy here.


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Breed Dry Aged Serves Weight Region Price Quantity
Out Of Stock Dexter 32 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Yorkshire Dales National Park, UK £13.80
/ £6.90 each
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Aberdeen Angus 32 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK £13.20
/ £6.60 each
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Heritage Breed 32 Days 2 2 X 200g (7.1oz) Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK £10.35 Was £13.80 / £5.18 Each
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Please note on breeds

From time to time the exact breed or farm may not be available at the time of despatching your order.
On such occasions we will endeavour to supply you with a suitable alternative.