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What Is Middle White Pork? Learn More About This Rare Breed

Blog • July 3rd 2024
middle white pork

the history of Middle White Pork

The Middle White, a quintessentially British breed of domestic pig, originating from Yorkshire and bred from the Large White and the now-extinct Small White. Known for its distinctive short and sharply-upturned snout, the Middle White is a prime porker, prized for it's fresh pork rather than being used for bacon or lard. Though it faced near-extinction after the Second World War, the breed has seen a resurgence, yet it remains a "priority" on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust list - the highest level of risk.

where is our Middle White pork from?

We work closely with David & Carl Harrison from Nook Farm to source our rare breed pork and heritage beef breeds. Nestled in the village of Grewelthorpe, 8 miles from our base in Ripon, is The Nook, owned and run by the Harrison family since 1910. Today David and son Carl farm the land with the help of the whole family, grazing heritage Galloway breed cattle, Suffolk sheep, as well as Middle White and Saddleback breed pigs. The land which they graze and wallow is open and vast, the perfect environment for rearing them.

At Farmison & Co, we are dedicated to providing only the finest cuts of Middle White pork, ensuring each piece embodies the rich heritage and exceptional taste of this endangered breed. Our pork is reared with care and traditional farming methods, ensuring the meat is as flavoursome and tender as it should be. Whether you're looking to create a show-stopping roast or simply enjoy a quality cut from Pork Chops to Boston Butts, Middle White pork offers an unmatched experience, setting our pork apart from the rest.

For more details on our Middle White pork and other premium offerings, explore our full pork range by clicking here.

why farmison?

The British Isles has some of the finest beef, pork, and lamb breeds in the world, bred to perfection in the 18th and 19th centuries, to yield more marbling and fuller flavour. Our mission is to support bringing back heritage breeds, with our farmer partners, with the principle that more consumer demand encourages farmers to rear them.

We know our network of farmers, we've known them for years, and we know that by working with them closely every day, everybody wins. We get to send you the best quality meat and our trusted farmers can rely on a fair price, and trust in our support for traditional husbandry. That means no rushing, no artificial rubbish, and common sense farming.

With us, expect classic butchery, and with every mouthful expect exceptional quality. We're masters of dry ageing meat on the bone, to relax the meat to tenderness and ensure intense, savoury flavour. All our prime meat is dry age matured, with our meats cut to order by our master butchers, for optimum quality.

100% satisfaction guarantee

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