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the harrison family

about the farm

The Nook farm is nestled on a hillside above the village of Grewelthorpe in North Yorkshire and just 8 miles from Farmison & Co. There's good pasture up here, and the Nook farm has been owned and run by the Harrison family since 1910, though some of the land has been in the family since the 1700's passed down through the generations. Today David and son Carl farm the land with the help of the whole family. They also farm 500 acres of land at Wharfedale which is a site of scientific interest, which can only be grazed by native breed cattle. After plenty of consideration and research, the family haave built up a herd of over 170 head of black, dun & white Galloways, a native breed on the 'at-risk' list. Since, the herd has thrived off the land, and the land has thrived off the herd. Sometimes it's a bit hard to find the cows their enclosure is so vast. With surveys from Natural England showing the abundance of wildflowers and natural grasses creating vibrant homes for insects, curlews, and lapwings, which nest in large numbers amongst the cattle.

The family has also returned to breeding Saddleback, Berkshire and Middle White pigs, and their Galloway herd has grown in numbers. With demand from our customers, the Harrison family are confident in breeding native breeds, allowing them to farm the way that they do and continuing these ancient inhabitants of our country.

about the breeds


The Galloway, like its 'belted' cousin, is a hardy heritage breed that promises a leaner finish to its beef. The breed's ability to thrive in tough climes has seen herds spread to all corners of the globe, but they are most at home in the pristine upland landscapes of Northern England and the Scottish Borders. Here they mature at their own pace on wild grazing. That means flavour is given a chance to develop naturally, with their diet giving the meat its juicy character and gamey flavour.

middle white

The Middle White is a Yorkshire heritage breed, and best described as 'beautifully ugly.' Its docile nature and hardiness suit it to outdoor production where it can wallow to its heart's content. This is Britain's only dedicated pork breed, (as opposed to bacon), and has long been renowned for the outstanding quality of its fresh, uncured meat which boasts robust, porky flavour. An endangered breed, the Middle White is on the up, as smallholders and farmers embrace this wonderful creatures quality.