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Guide to Giblets

Blog • December 21st 2023

What are giblets? This is a question on many people's minds as turkey season rolls around. If you are one of those who have heard of giblets before, but aren't sure exactly what they are and more importantly what to do with them, then this guide is for you. Farmison is answering all the top questions such as what are giblets and how to cook them for the perfect Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner. Keep reading to become a giblet expert!

Table of Contents:

What are Giblets?

The giblets are the edible offal of a fowl. In layman's terms, this means the giblets are the edible organs of poultry such as turkey or chicken.

The giblets can include parts such as:

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Neck
  • Gizzards
  • Kidneys

Although this may not sound appetising, the giblets are excellent for adding extra flavour to your roast dinner. In traditional cooking, the giblets were valued for being a tasty and nutritious addition. However, nowadays, many brands won't even include the giblets with their roasting birds. Farmison includes the giblets as part of our eat better meat initiative which celebrates the traditions of Great British farming.

What is the difference between Gizzards and Giblets?

Giblets and gizzards are often confused. Whilst there is overlap, they are not the same thing. The gizzard is part of the digestive system in most poultry as well as other animals such as penguins and crocodiles. A muscular organ, the gizzard helps to grind up food before it enters the stomach. The gizzard is often considered a component part of the giblets.

How to Remove Giblets from a Turkey

Now you've gotten to the bottom of the question 'what are the giblets', it is time to discover how you can use them to create a delicious meal. The first stage is to remove the giblets from the turkey or other roasting bird you are using. Farmison's loose roasting birds come with giblets. They should be wrapped in a package found within the bird's cavity. To remove the giblets, locate the large body cavity between the birds' legs, reach inside and pull out the package of giblets. One of the golden rules when cooking a Christmas goose or turkey is to remove the giblets before you roast your bird.

How to Cook Giblets

There are a few ways to cook giblets. These are some of the top ways to prepare them to make the most of their excellent flavour and nutritional value:

  • Giblet Gravy - One of the most popular ways to cook giblets is in a gravy. Farmison's expert chef Jeff Baker has the perfect recipe for traditional giblet gravy. This is a must have addition for a christmas dinner that will wow your loved ones.
  • Pureed Giblets - Blend the giblets down into a liquid or puree. Then add them to a simple meatball or chilli con carne recipe as a great way to introduce some additional flavour and nutrients.
  • Giblet Stock - Simmer the giblets in water with a bay leaf and vegetables such as celery, carrots and onions. After about 2 hours of cooking, this will turn into a tasty stock which can be used in recipes from soups and sauces, to curries and risottos.
  • Sauteed Giblets - Chop the giblets into small pieces and fry them in hot butter for a delicious snack or side.

Eat Better Meat with Farmison

When you are planning your christmas or thanksgiving dinner, don't shy away from the giblets. Instead, bring the exceptional flavours of traditional and professional cooking into your home kitchen by harnessing the rich taste of Farmison's giblets.

Our award-winning, free-range British turkeys and chickens have been reared naturally. This means their giblets are top quality and beautiful to cook with.

This winter, enjoy plump, succulent, and flavoursome poultry straight to your door with Farmison.