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Introducing F&Co Free-Range Friday

Blog • May 10th 2019

Introducing our brand new campaign: Free-Range Friday.

Our new campaign will showcase our free-range meat, to tell the stories behind your favourite cuts and species and what it means to F&Co to Eat Better Meat ®.

Each week we'll have a new story for you, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox each Friday. You can sign up to Farmison & Co's newsletter, here.

Here's a small snippet of what's to come:


Our free-range poultry is characterised by its standout flavour. By using only traditional farming techniques coupled with high welfare standards so that our birds plump up gradually, our poultry is how poultry used to taste, with succulent, deep flavour. Our suppliers are the best out there and they take pride in their work and share the same values as we do. On beautiful farms across North Yorkshire, our chickens and ducks live much, much longer than commercially reared poultry.

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Our free-range British beef is the outstanding result of generation's worth of experience of rearing cattle. We specialise in the meat of British heritage breeds such as Dexter, Longhorn, and Highland, which are strictly grass-fed and reared on lush pastures to develop characteristic marbling and deep flavour. We source our beef from small farms and always have a variety of heritage and rare breeds in stock. Each breed has a different taste, so we'd definitely recommend trying new breeds and also experience the different maturity we have on offer too. From a minimum of 32 days all the way up 100 days, we have a huge selection of steaks and joints with steak specials being released every Friday. You can find out more through our newsletter and you can sign up here.

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The quality of our lamb reflects the diets our flocks enjoy, whether on heather on windswept moors, or the rich grazing of salt flats. The mix of wild grasses, flowers, herbs, and heathers gives the meat rich, succulent taste which makes our lamb such a delicacy. The Spring Lamb season has just started, so it's a great time to sample our sweet, free-range lamb.

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A choice cut of rich, flavoursome meat; mutton sadly is almost a lost delicacy in the British Isles, though it used to once be a staple of our diets. Now with the help of Prince Charles who chairs the Mutton Renaissance Campaign, this prized culinary specialty is returning to menus and kitchens across Britain. Ours is sourced primarily from the Yorkshire Dales, where our farmer's flocks mature on a diet of wild grazing found on the valley tops, and in the lush meadows of the river valleys.

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All of our game is sourced from the wild and as a result from their wild grazing, is a supremely healthy, being exceptionally lean though rich in protein and of superior quality to any you will find in supermarkets. Venison is also particularly rich in iron, with its fine-grained red meat boasting real flavour. This is by virtue of the wild grazing that all our venison, game birds, and rabbits enjoy, maturing on a mixture of grasses, herbs, and flowers. Our game birds and rabbits are primarily sourced from the empty expanses of the Yorkshire Dales, before being expertly prepared on the butcher's block.

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