Cuts Of Mutton

A choice cut of rich, flavoursome meat; mutton sadly is almost a lost delicacy in the British Isles, though it used to once be a staple of our diets. Now, this prized culinary specialty is returning to menus and kitchens across Britain. It really is fantastic meat, richer and with more fat than lamb. Because of this mutton boasts much deeper and well developed flavour than lamb. Our mutton is sourced primarily from the North York Moors where our farmer's flocks mature on the wild grazing found on the tops of the valleys, and in the lush meadows of the river valleys.

If you are new to cooking mutton, each cut has its own recipe attached written by Executive Chef Jeff Baker.

mutton chops

Mutton Chop

Succulent and versatile chops for quick, easy cooks

rack of mutton

Rib Rack Of Mutton

French trimmed line up of Swaledale mutton chops

mutton leg

Whole Leg Of Mutton

A roasting joint unbeatable for rich character

half leg of mutton

Half Leg Of Mutton

A Rich Roasting Joint for Smaller Tables

mutton leg boned and rolled

Half Mutton Leg Roll

A leg roll of mutton for easy carve roasts with plenty of flavour

mutton shoulder

Mutton Shoulder

A rustic joint with bone in for full flavour

mutton shoulder cushion

Mutton Cushion

A butcher's tied cushion of Swaledale mutton for easy carve roasting

mince mutton

Minced Mutton

Minced mutton for versatile cooking and rich character

diced mutton

Diced Mutton

Hearty cuts of mutton, ideal for curries, stews, and slow cooks

mutton koftas

Mutton Kofta

North African-style patties of mutton and our own blend of aromatic spice

mutton neck chop

Mutton Neck Chop

Succulent and versatile chops cut from the neck

diced mutton on the bone

Diced Mutton On The Bone

Chunks of mutton shoulder on the bone