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Easter from Around The World

Blog • March 16th 2020

Easter By Farmison & Co

Here at Farmison & Co we've taken inspiration from around the world to feature some special meals this year from those countries where Easter is celebrated. Each dish has a special place in the hearts of the chosen regions, some traditional, and some inspired by how we live today.

These dishes are guaranteed to impress friends and family this Easter, so relax and enjoy some truly authentic dishes curated by our executive chef Jeff.

Our Easter range this year includes:

Sicilian inspired spatchcock chicken rubbed with fennel, lemon peel, garlic and a little touch of sweet chilli. These are the flavours of traditional porchetta, simple and quick to cook finished with crispy bacon, lemon and parsley, served with soft polenta and wild rocket salad - this is a real showstopper.

Next up is our seven-hour leg of English Heritage Breed lamb. The dish is famed in the south-west region of France, traditionally seasoned with meaty, umami rich anchovies, rosemary, black garlic and lemon. The end result is well worth the wait; soft, unctuous meat in a rich savoury gravy served with tender green beans and buttered new crop potatoes.

Eastern Europe was the inspiration for our Hungarian Meatloaf, delicately spiced free-range pork with notes of pepper and caraway seeds, the meat coarsely chopped before wrapping in our dry-cured pancetta. This tasty dish is oven ready and we recommend serving alongside creamy mashed potatoes and cabbage hearts.

From further afield we focused on South America and Mexico in particular to create our own version of the world famous Carne Con Chili. We've created a rich stew made from Heritage Breed grass-fed chuck steak, gently simmered with black beans and perfectly balanced with spices enriched with bitter chocolate and finished with lime. This dish can be served with rice for a more formal meal or with soft tortillas alongside a selection of salsa, guacamole and sour cream to enjoy as the perfect finger food.

Back on our shores, we love to indulge in traditional breeds and cuts of lamb. Our first recipe is a pot roast shoulder of Lamb Cushion, the bones expertly removed by our master butcher then tied into a stunning cushion of meat before cooking low and slow until meltingly tender - the lamb is then glazed with English mustard and redcurrant jelly, for a sweet and spicy finish. This goes great with champ mash and Cavolo Nero alongside the gravy made from the roasting juices.

Finally, we have created a box of essentials for a world class Lancashire Hotpot. Crisp and tender potatoes top a rich casserole of sweet onions, a blend of lamb neck, shoulder and lamb kidneys, which arrive perfectly diced. This is a firm family favourite and definitely worthy as an Easter treat, serve with pickled red cabbage salad.

All the above recipes can be found here, alongside many other spectacular cuts ready to adorn your Easter table.