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English Free Range Goose

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Free Range Can Be Frozen Great Britain

As featured in Country Life: "This goose is the tastiest we have tried."

Slow grown and free range by nature, our English geese grow plump feasting on a natural diet. Our Geese have a distinctive, gamey flavour and with its tasty, succulent meat, it’s a worthy centrepiece for the most discerning festive table. Suitable for a smaller festive meal, these whole birds are delicious with roasted roots and tart apple sauce. Be sure to consult our chef’s tips for cooking advice and how to use the goose’s fat to stunning effect.

This product can only be delivered between 4th December 2018 and 22nd December 2018.

Goose meat has a darker colour and a much richer flavour than that of other poultry. All our geese are hand picked to ensure ample breast meat, before being expertly prepared, leaving the whole bird intact, with the giblets. Typically more prized than turkey, they take a lot more food to fatten, but the reward is delicious rich meat.

Geese with dry, pale skin and a plump breast get the best results in the kitchen, which ours are. The key to roasting the bird and retaining its natural succulence is roasting on a high heat, then reducing it and cooking long and slow. Serve with a sharp cranberry or redcurrant sauce to match the rich, succulent goose meat.