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Christmas Chicken & Duck

Our award-winning Christmas chicken and duck range is perfect for those smaller Christmas dinners and seasonal roasts. Smaller in size to the traditional turkey or goose, but no less in quality. Our birds have spent the autumn plumping up ready to be delivered to your home for a special festive feast. When you order Christmas poultry from us you are ordering outstanding quality, succulent meat, and exceptional flavour that can only be achieved by rearing birds the proper way, slowly and naturally. We use a handful of farmers who care for their animals from start to finish, nurturing quality over quantity. Our Christmas chicken and duck range offers the whole bird, crowns, and the breasts, as well as artisan cuts of chicken and duck from our chef prepared range paired with wonderful festive flavours to complement the bird's natural flavour. Be sure to refer to our chicken and duck recipe tips for information on cooking times and serving suggestions.

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