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Free Standard Delivery Over £50! (Including Weekends)

Are there any cooking instructions provided with my order?

PDF cooking guides for each product are attached to your email order confirmation. Alternatively, you can find these attached on the product page of our website to download which are live under the Christmas section here.

When are you delivering and how much is Christmas delivery?

Our Christmas range is available for delivery from Friday, December 1st until Saturday, December 23rd, subject to availability of delivery slots and availability of produce. There is no delivery charge on deliveries up until December 18th on all orders over £50. Orders under £50 will be subject to our standard weekday delivery charge of £5.95.

Deliveries on the 19th and 20th of December will be subject to a premium delivery charge of £7.95 under £50 or £3.95 over £50, and on the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of December will be subject to a premium delivery charge of £10.

Highland and Island/48 hour postcodes will remain to be charged £14.45 throughout the Christmas period.

Click & Collect is free from our Cut by Farmison & Co shop in Ripon.

Can I change my order date or cancel my order?

We need at least 7 days notice before the despatch date, to amend or cancel any orders. This may be subject to delivery charges, depending on when you would like to move your order to. These restrictions are due to the volume of orders we are processing and availability of produce, as well as to protect our local independent farmers & butchers, who work around the clock to deliver fresh meat to all our customers for Christmas and often rear and then cut fresh to order.

When is the latest I can place my order?

We plan to keep the Christmas shop open until as late as possible to cater for any last minute orders, for deliveries up until the 23rd of December. However if we run out of delivery slots and stock we may close the shop early. We recommend placing your order as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Is your meat fresh?

All our Christmas meat is delivered fresh excluding products containing pastry which are freshly produced and sent directly to you from our freezer.

Can I add to my order?

Yes, you can, as long as you leave us enough notice before your despatch date! You can get in touch with customer care at [email protected] or call 01765 824050, or if you're on your mobile, you can click the WhatsApp icon to chat.

How will my order be delivered and can I track delivery?

Your order will be delivered by our trusted and carbon neutral courier DPD. You will receive DPD notifications on the day of delivery with your 1 hour allocated time slot. You can also log in to the DPD app or website to track your order.

Are your products free-range?

All of our Christmas centrepieces are free range. Please click into each product to find out more about how we rear our herds and flocks, and how the meat was prepared.

There are a few black feather quills in my turkey, is this normal?

Please do not worry, this is completely normal with our turkeys. The feathers are a sign of a truly artisanal bird that has been hand finished using a wax plucked process as opposed to a mass production, wet pluck process. This gives you a much better quality bird. The white turkeys that you will find at the supermarket has just as many but because they have a white pigment you cannot see them.

They are harmless and most of any that may be left will shrivel up during cooking. As we hand pluck it is impossible to remove each and every one, please don`t ruin your Christmas day with tweezers trying to remove them!

My turkey gravy is slightly discoloured?

You might notice a slight green tinge to our festive turkey gravy. This varies from batch to batch and is by virtue of the fact we use only natural whole vegetable ingredients to make our gravy. The natural particles of the vegetables colour the gravy. As long as the packet is within date, this is perfectly safe to eat!

What is extra matured beef?

We dry age all of the beef centrepieces in our Christmas range for a minimum of 32 days. Extra matured refers to a longer period of ageing, for example, 45 or 60 days, a process which requires more resources but results in deeper flavour and greater tenderness. You can learn more about dry aged beef here.

What is the shelf life on my meat?

Each product is listed with a minimum shelf life. Please click into each product to note the listed shelf life - please keep this in mind when placing your order! Always refer to the use by or best before date that is shown on the product packaging.

All of our Christmas range delivered on 19th Dec to 23rd Dec is guaranteed to stay fresh until Boxing Day *except products containing pastry which are pre frozen. 48 hour deliveries (Highlands & Islands) may have a shorter life depending on dispatch times.

I've just received my order but some items are missing?

If you have placed a large order, or have ordered a goose or turkey, it is likely that your order will be delivered in two boxes. They should both be delivered on the same day. If you believe you've received your full order and items are still missing, do contact our Customer Care team and we will look into it for you!

I'm in North Yorkshire! Can I order for Christmas at your shop in Ripon?

Yes, you can come by and chat to our Master Butcher or team about what to order for Christmas. Please see our special opening hours here. They'll be able to process your order for you in store.

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