Our CEO Update

An Update From Our CEO: May 30th 2020

Greetings from the hazy North Yorkshire countryside. As lockdown eases, my attention is shifting to the long-term impact of the crisis. I have worked in food, offline and online, for most of my career, and I anticipate drastic – yet exciting - changes ahead.

We must use this opportunity to push back against systems that have shown they are not fit for purpose. 'Just in time' does not work for husbandry. It punishes small scale suppliers, has pushed British breeds that were the envy of the world to the brink, and rushes the animals, sacrificing nutritional value and flavour.

It is vital that as we reconsider how we live, we harness the newfound awareness of why we must not overreach ourselves or natural processes. As more people work from home, and rely on flexible deliveries, I see this crisis heralding a modern return to tradition – households dining together, sharing the experience of food together.

The meaning of 'convenience' is becoming more sophisticated. Quick and easy delivery for convenience is our forte, but our food isn't rushed for convenience. We source from suppliers that do things the right way, and behind the scenes of our modern approach to buying food, huge effort and manpower goes into coordinating orders, ensuring that you get the correct heritage breed, from a collection of meats that's already dry aging the old fashioned way.

We work hard to showcase the very best of British food, to bring you something new. Convenience will mean ease of access to quality. Take for instance our forthcoming sausage range. Jeff Baker, our Michelin-starred Executive Development Chef, has created a 'clean deck' sausage. Prepared with heritage breed Oxford Sandy Black pork, from a small, free range farm, minimal additives preserving the integrity of the incredible flavour. You will soon be able to order this at the click of a button. Watch this space.

Just like with our Old World wine producing neighbours in Europe, the UK is the Old World of husbandry. The blood lines of our herds and flocks were established by our pioneering Victorian farmers. This has left a huge legacy to the New World, and today the UK boasts an unrivalled variety of breeds. We can only preserve and strengthen our breeds if we eat more heritage breed meat.

Already, your custom has had very tangible impacts. Stuart Raw who farms up on the tops of Wensleydale, is rearing more Dexter cattle now than ever before. Your custom is increasing the size of the Dexter herd. You can read more here. Paul Talling of Loose Birds is increasing his free ranging chicken flock dramatically. You can read more about Paul's story here.

We want you to be a part of this British food renaissance, and we hope you will toast the end of lockdown – but the start of a new chapter - with the Great British Reunion Box. If you don't already follow us, our social media channels are a great way to stay up to date with our journey, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As ever, if you have any thoughts or feedback, do get in touch via founders@farmison.com or you can leave us a review here. I always make time to read your comments.

On behalf of Lee (Founder), myself, and our amazing team, I would like to give my thanks to helping our vision of making accessible, better meat a reality.


John Pallagi - CEO & Founder