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This simple yet beautiful mash goes great with almost anything but best with rich casseroles or try in two slices of crusty buttered bread for an unusual buttie, a favourite with the chefs.


  1. Peel and wash 500g Yukon gold (or any good quality mashing potato).
  2. Cut into quarters then cover with cold water.
  3. Add 2 tsp fine salt.
  4. Bring to boil ,skim surface then simmer for 20 minutes.
  5. Pierce with a pointed knife to check there tender.
  6. Drain off all water and let steam evaporate for a few moments.
  7. Pass through a potato ricer or simply use a masher adding 100grams Cold diced nether end farm unsalted butter and 4tbsp full fat milk warmed up.
  8. Season with ground White pepper, little nutmeg and check salt.

Source: My collection - Jeff Baker - J Bakers Bistro Moderne