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Discovering Thai Cuisine

Blog • May 4th 2013
market of thailand

Many of us in Britain know and love Thai food, but have you ever wondered what makes it such a universally appealing cuisine?

On my first trip to Thailand recently, I discovered more about the food and the guiding philosophy behind it. Like other South East Asian cuisines such as Cantonese and Vietnamese, Thai food bases itself on the principles of harmony between four flavours: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. It's the artful balance of these flavours, alongside the fresh, flavourful ingredients and herbs abundant in Thailand, that so sate our appetite.

The following six recipes are my take on my favourite Thai dishes. Where authentic ingredients are not widely available, I have injected some British nuances to create a delightful fusion of flavours.

Thai spicy 'som tam' style slaw

Thai spicy 'laab moo' pork salad

Thai piquant grapefruit and prawn salad

Thai jungle chicken skewers

Thai red duck curry

Thai slow roast spare ribs with spicy Isarn dipping sauce