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7 Day Dry Aged Lamb Rump Joint

Choose from 2 breeds


Stocky & Sturdy East Anglian Sheep

Tasting notes:
sweet, complex, matured

Weight: 2 x 250g

Serves: 2

Shelf life: Min 6 days

Available: Any delivery date


£6.98 each


Known as a chef's cut, the lamb rump's small size lends itself to small individually roasted pieces, made sweet and succulent by the ample covering of fat. As such they're perfect for individual treats, or as a dinner party cut, with the impressive flavour reflecting the quality of the lush pastures where our English lamb flocks mature on diets of wild flowers, herbs, and natural grasses.

How to cook

Lamb rump joints are so popular with chefs because it allows them to present neat roasting joints for each guest at the table, alongside carefully chosen side dishes. Try searing the rump joint in a heavy based pan until golden in colour, before roasting on a high heat. Serve alongside ratatouille and eggplant roasted with spices and cous cous.

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About the cut

Lamb Rump Joint

An example of contemporary British butchery, with the whole lamb rump cut into small individual joints for roasted portions, and increasingly in demand from chefs. Sourced from farms that have been rearing lamb for generations, with proven consistency, the rump provides ample fat cover, which is something butchers look for to know the meat is excellent as it gives tenderness and flavour in the kitchen.

About the breed


Stocky & Sturdy East Anglian Sheep

Tasting notes:
sweet, complex, matured

The Suffolk is a sturdy heritage sheep from East Anglia, the result of interbreeding between two other breeds, the muscular Norfolk Horn and the meaty Southdown. Traditionally the Suffolk is celebrated for the wonderful quality of its mutton, though are also a flagship breed for the excellence of British lamb, combining developed flavour with characteristic sweet succulence. This quality means the Suffolk can be found today all over the world.

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