The Gourmet Chicken & Veal Slider Spiced With Malabar Pepper

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Limited Edition
Can Be Frozen Suitable for BBQ Chef Prepared Great Britain

Limited Edition

Our Gourmet Chicken & Veal Sliders are well balanced & lean. The sweetness of the veal carries the chicken well without overshadowing the finished product, enhanced with a blend of fresh English garden herbs & the ancient Malabar pepper from Kerala, southern India. The slider is made from pure English chicken breast & ethically sourced milk fed English veal and makes for a great alternative to the more heavy robust steak sliders. It's low in fat & packed full of natural flavours.


Our Gourmet Chicken & Malabar Pepper Sliders are made from our Yorkshire chicken and promise to be juicy and succulent made with our best cuts of chicken to make sure there is plenty of flavour running through the patty. These very special sliders have been months in development and are inspired by gourmet dining, these sliders are as pure as possible.

Perfect for cooking indoors or on the barbecue; these tasty chicken sliders are best served with our brioche buns with your choice of condiments.

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