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Lamb Cushion Studded With Rosemary And Smoked Garlic

Region: Farmison & Co Trusted Farm, UK

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Free Range Can Be Frozen Grass Fed Ready To Cook Chef Prepared Delivery Restrictions Great Britain

A stunning centrepiece featuring a butcher's special cut from the shoulder, hand prepared into an easy carve roasting cushion. The stunning roasting joint has been studded with rosemary and garlic to add aroma to the succulent lamb upon cooking. This Lamb Cushion featuring layers of tender, juicy lamb and is sure to be a table pleaser this Easter.

A stuffed roasting joint requires skilled handy work on the Butcher's block. Made with heritage breed lamb, firstly we cut the shoulder of the lamb, boning the joint to give a whole piece of fresh meat, which is then prepared into a cushion of sorts. This is then carefully studded with garlic and herbs, before tying to keep the layered roasting joint together when cooking.

Our guide to cook this beautiful roasting joint to perfection from our Chef Jeff.

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