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turkey sandwich cooked


The best leftover turkey sandwich I've ever curated!


  1. Spread the butter evenly onto the bread
  2. Reserve 2 buttered slices of bread to one side
  3. With the other 2 slices start to build the layers for the sandwich
  4. Divide the Christmas stuffing between the 2 slices of bread
  5. Top with sliced beetroot and the lambs lettuce (or watercress)
  6. Next pile on the shredded leftover turkey and season with sea salt flakes
  7. Spoon a little gravy and cranberry ketchup/relish over the leftover turkey
  8. Place the crispy pancetta over the top
  9. Finish with a layer of crisps
  10. Place bread on top to create the sandwich and enjoy!
turkey sandwich cooked