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Method for Black Pudding

  1. Pane' the black pudding by passing through flour, then beaten egg & finally the breadcrumbs and reserve
  2. Heat the oil in a deep sided frying pan or alternatively use a deep fat fryer set to 180oc, cook the black pudding until golden brown and crunchy
  3. Keep the fritters warm
  4. Grill the streaky bacon turning once until golden brown & crisp
  5. Fry the eggs in foaming butter
  6. Place a egg on top of black pudding onto 4 warm serving plates
  7. Place the crisp bacon on the side of the fritter
  8. Finish with fresh peppery watercress & little pots of brown sauce
  9. Serve alongside thick cut toast and lots of butter

Method for Brown Sauce

  1. Simply cook all ingredients together over a gentle heat for approximately 45 minutes
  2. The mix should be rich and glossy
  3. Transfer to a blender and puree
  4. Pass and reserve
  5. Refrigerated will last up to 3 months in sterile jars