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Breakfast at Tiffany's... well Anna's

Blog • January 24th 2012

The signature of a good weekend is a good British breakfast and although I never really need an excuse to regale in more meat than anybody could handle, I did manage to find a suitable justification this week with National Breakfast Week. It's running from 22nd to 28th January 2012, so if you (like me) enjoy an excuse, there's still plenty of time!

Luckily for us, the Farmison headquarters treated us to a feast of their best breakfast foods, including British meats; red, ripe tomatoes, berries, natural yoghurt and bread.

The tomatoes were the sweetest I have ever tasted and, rest assured, this photo is not edited to make them look redder, they really were that vibrant! We began our feast ensconcing the berries in organic Greek yoghurt and squeezing some oranges for juice.

On a week day this alone would have been the perfect, quick, tasty and healthy breakfast. Add a slice of wholegrain toast or mix the berries with granola for complex carbohydrates to provide slow release energy through the day.

With this particular occasion being a Saturday morning however, and with the aftermath of Friday night upon us, we had something much more...substantial in mind.

Thankfully, it appeared that Farmison had the very same in mind for us. Our magnificent breakfast box included no less than two different types of sausage, including tasty Rare Breed Breakfast Sausages and Greaves Old English Sausages. Along with those we had thick Bacon (more like gammon!), Black Pudding, Plum Tomatoes, Breakfast Mushrooms and Lankeland Eggs.

The Recipe:

We decided to grill the majority of the meat. Not only is this the healthiest option, but for such high quality sausages and bacon, grilling allows for the best, meatiest, flavour.

We split the packet of bacon in two and tried both grilling and frying to see if this affected the flavour in any way. We noticed little to no difference between frying and grilling, making it easier to make your breakfast healthier.

After around twenty minutes of salivating in anticipation our gourmet breakfast was complete. We scrambled the eggs in a frying pan with some skimmed milk and black pepper, again a healthier method than frying, and cooked our mushrooms under the grill.

Supermarket bought mushrooms post cooking can be left with a watery taste and rubbery texture. However these gargantuan mushrooms were the nicest I have ever tasted. They would make an ideal burger substitute for vegetarians as they kept their size, taste and texture when grilled.

Et voila! The perfect and healthy alternative to a traditional fry up. Next time I make this (and believe me, it shan't be long!) I would like to include baked beans as well. I found an excellent recipe from Soup Tuesday for meaty homemade baked beans which would be the ideal healthy and tasty accompaniment to this hearty meal.

Our Farmison breakfast was not only mouth wateringly tasty but also provided a full five out of five of our recommend daily fruit and veg; (fresh orange, tomato, mushroom, raspberries and blueberries). The well balanced breakfast set us up for the day with a full mix of proteins, calcium (from the Greek yoghurt) and carbohydrates. For more tips on healthy breakfast foods, and to find the inspiration to set time aside in the mornings to enjoy a healthy breakfast, visit the Shake Up Your Wake Up site here.