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From the farm

Our mission is to encourage the nation to Eat Better Meat. These are recipes & tips for you to try at home in your own kitchen. From Michelin Starred Chef Jeff Baker To Cook At Home From Farmison & Co - Voted Online Butcher Of The Year 2016. Enjoy!


Jan 21st 2021

Choose the Right Steak this Valentine’s Day

Choosing the right steak: A Meat-Lover’s Guide Create your perfect evening with restaurant quality meat at home for Valentine’s Day. Choosing the best steak all comes down to…


Jan 19th 2021

Treat Your Loved One To A Valentine’s Day Meal From Around The World

Our Valentine’s Day range is the food of love, ideal for springing a romantic surprise. You might not get to your favourite restaurant this year, but you can…


Dec 24th 2020

British Beef is a Superfood

Recently, I was strolling along the tops of Wensleydale with farmer Stuart Raw. Stuart, who keeps his short legged red Dexters above Castle Bolton, was showing me the…


Dec 13th 2020

Freezing & Defrosting: The Ultimate Guide

Why freeze meat? What is freezer burn? Does freezing kill bacteria/germs? The ‘Danger Zone’ The best way to prepare meat for the freezer Vacuum machines What meat can…


Dec 10th 2020

Win £750 in Gift Vouchers with our Festive Giveaway

Christmas Has Come Early ‘Tis the season for giving and spreading Christmas cheer, so we’re giving one lucky person and two friends the chance to win a £250…


Dec 3rd 2020

How To Butcher Your Own Turkey and Prevent Food Waste This Christmas

A staggering 1/3 of food produced for consumption is wasted across the globe. Whilst we’re extremely effective at addressing this issue – through nose to tail eating and…


Nov 27th 2020

Buy a Tree & We’ll Plant One Free

Go green for Black Friday. Together with our friends at Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, we’re inviting our customers to pay to dedicate a tree. For every tree you…


Nov 11th 2020

A Glimpse into the Christmas Kitchen of Jeff Baker

Winning Trimmings Two of our Christmas trimmings have scooped top prize at Good Housekeeping’s 2020 taste test. Our Luxury Chestnut, Sage, & Apricot Pigs in Blankets won Best…


Nov 7th 2020

Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal Venison – a UK First at Farmison & Co

Venison is back on the menu at Farmison & Co To mark the occasion, we are offering a first in the United Kingdom – you can order online…


Oct 22nd 2020

Waste Not Want Not – Top Tricks for Delicious Christmas Turkey Leftover Recipes

Christmas is a time of celebration and excess, but last Christmas alone it was estimated the UK wasted £485 million on food. It is in some ways understandable….


Oct 21st 2020

The Golden Rules when Cooking a Christmas Goose

The 5 key points on how to cook and serve a Christmas Goose If defrosting a free range goose for Christmas, do this in the fridge, not near…


Oct 21st 2020

The 5 Big Tips when Prepping and Cooking Christmas Turkey

Here are my tips to take a little stress out of preparing Christmas dinner, as following these tips will make for a much more relaxed day and one…