Pork Rib Eye Steak

A Versatile Steak for Succulent Flavour

Cut from between the neck and saddle, this small steak is ideal as a small joint suited to slow cooking, grilling, or popping on the barbecue. With wonderful succulence, our Pork Rib Eyes are a must for pork lovers, with the rich meat showcasing why British native breed pork is so good.

Not to be confused with its beef counterpart, the Pork Rib Eye Steak is inspired by trends in American butchery, and is so named for the generous nugget of fat that caramelises the succulent meat upon cooking. This steak is cut from between the neck and the saddle, which promises plenty of creamy fat covering, which explains why British pork breeds are so in demand from chefs the world over.

A cut from contemporary trends in butchery increasingly appearing on specials boards as chefs discover the qualities of the juicy and flavoursome Pork Rib Eye. This steak is very versatile, being well suited to grilling, frying, slow cooking, or griddling. If frying cook for four to five minutes on a high heat, and serve with buttery mash and a rich grain mustard.

Our recipe tips for cooking your Pork Rib Eye Steak

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