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14 Day Dry Aged Fassona Fiorentina T-bone Steak

Guest Breed

Region: Farmison & Co North Yorkshire

Shelf Life: Min. 6 Days

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Our exclusive partnership with Italy's most respected Butcher, Oberto, specialists in Fassona Beef, has allowed us to showcase this prized native breed Beef as our spring guest breed. The famous Fassona Beef Razza Piemontese is renowned for its sweet, soft & super lean meat which lends itself perfectly to enjoying either very rare or raw (see Fassona Crudo here). The 'Fiorentina Bistecca' is taken from the T-bone end of the Sirloin with the fillet attached and makes a fabulous sharing steak. Best cooked searingly hot, the Fassona is so soft the steak should be served very rare (see our recipes here.)

Reared & grass fed to 40 months on the stunning hills of Piedmont, this is a sweet, soft & super lean meat that must be served either raw or rare to enjoy it at its best.

The origins of the breed date back to as far as the Paleolithic period, around 25-30,000 years ago, when bovines populating the territory which is known today as Piedmont cross-bred with another species of cattle arriving from Pakistan, the zebu.

The causes that led these animals to reach this geographic location so rapidly are still unknown, as is the natural genetic mutation that would take place in the second half of the 1800s on the heads of cattle populating a village in the Langhe. This mutation introduced the main characteristic in the evolution of the species that distinguishes it from all other Italian breeds: muscular hypertrophy.

Commonly known as double muscling, this refers to the particular development of the muscle fibres, and led to the name in French which filtered through into the Piedmontese dialect as “fasun”: Fassona.