Picanha Joint

A Latin American Roasting Special

A delicacy, but relatively new to these shores, our Picanha is inspired by the traditions of Brazilian and Argentinian butchery, and promises incredible succulence, flavour, and tenderness. Ours are dry aged to give the beef irresistable melting quality upon cooking, while if you’re in any doubt as to how to cook this Latin American specialty consult our cooking tips for chef advice.

Also known as the Rump Cap Joint, a British butcher would sooner turn the rump cap into rump steaks with little fat covering. In South America it's a different story, and thankfully this masterpiece is increasingly in demand. The Picanha is the prime cut in Argentina, with the thick fat covering left on to offer supreme flavour. Our Picanaha Joints are all dry age matured to concentrate the flavours, and ensure melting tenderness.

An outstanding all year round meat treat, when cooked correctly – either in the oven or on the BBQ - the Picanha Joint has no match for flavour. Be sure to massage the joint with flakes of sea salt and plenty of cracked black pepper, before placing on the BBQ or in the oven to reach a minimum temperature of 56°c. This Brazilian favourite is sublime served with Chimichurri Sauce.

Our Recipe Tips for Cooking Your Picanha Joint

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