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Nidderdale Beef Rump Steak Skewers

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Free Range Can Be Frozen Gluten Free Grass Fed Suitable for BBQ Delivery Restrictions
Hand prepared by our Master Butcher with large chunks of flavoursome British beef, these skewers are perfect for popping on the barbecue or under the grill. Made exclusively from grass fed beef sourced from small farms in pristine countryside, these wholesome and nutritious beef skewers are a succulent addition to any mixed grill.
We prepare all our Beef Skewers by hand on the butcher’s block, carefully selecting beef chunks that are big and meaty, and that will be tender upon cooking. The cubes can be cut from anywhere on the beast but ours are cut across the grain on the rump, to provide flavour and characteristic beef texture upon grilling that the rump is prized by chefs for.
These Beef Skewers are ideal for mixed grills, with generous chunks of meat and the rich grass fed beef well suited to overnight marinating to enrich the flavours, or rubbing with herbs and spices. Alternatively, if you prefer your beef plain, drizzle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt to sample the rich wholesome taste of the rump steak.
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